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Important site information, such as the rules of the forum and canon user groups, is stored here.

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Think of this as a bulletin board of sorts. News on site updates are posted here, as well as activity checks and OTM voting.

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Even the most seasoned warriors get a bit blurry in the head from time to time--It's what war does to us. Confused, lost, or have a question? Just post here and an admin will come around to help you!

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Are you ready to jump into the battle? Then post your character application here in the appropriate sub board, and be prepared for some Titan-hunting. Please be sure that you've read through the site rules first and checked the face claims list before proceeding!


This is where all the accepted character applications are kept. Need to see who's ready to roleplay? Then look no further! It's also very useful to read everyone's applications before plotting, so feel free to check things out.

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Keep close to those around you... or don't. Whatever you do, post your plot pages here and get those ideas rolling! This board also includes a place for thread trackers and wanted ads.


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Want to post some propaganda on our walls, or perhaps even become a comrade in battle? Feel free to advertise your site here or come affiliate with us! This board is guest friendly.

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Sometimes we all need to escape from the battle. If you're leaving on vacation or you're not going to be around for a few days, post about your absence here. We'll miss you!

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Out of character board. Anything goes here from games to artwork to stories about what dumb thing your dog did today.

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This is where all the stories of the past lie. We all like to reflect on what's happened to us before every now and again. This also holds the records of all those lost in battle.


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This wall is in the center of the human kingdom. The most wealthy classes of people live here, as it is least prone to Titan attacks. The Military Police also spend most of their time here.

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The second outermost wall of the human kingdom. The area within Wall Rose is inhabited by those with more wealth than those who live within Wall Maria, as it is less prone to Titan attacks.

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The outermost wall out of all three which surround the human population. Those with the least amount of money inhabit this area, as it is most prone to Titan attacks.


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Only those in the Survey Corps travel to this point. After the breach in Wall Maria, all are vulnerable to Titan attacks. Be sure to have a fast horse when out-and-about here.

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